All my books are set in the same world. Recommended reading order is as follows:

Girl Among Wolves Trilogy (YA fairytale)
1. Unlikely Magic
2. Beastly Beauty
3. Ghostly Snow

Young Witch Stand-Alone Series (YA/NA reverse harem fairytale/Norse mythology):
1. Twisted (Amazon #1 New Release & #1 Bestseller)
2. Caged (Amazon #1 Bestseller)
3. Clever (coming soon)

Winslow Witch Chronicles (YA/NA reverse harem–UF/Norse mythology)
1. Magic of the Void
2. Sister of the Sea
3. Witch of the Wind (coming soon)

Hosting Gods Trilogy (YA reverse harem Norse mythology):
1. Emerge (Amazon #1 Bestseller & #1 New Release)
2. Ignite (Amazon #1 New Release)
3. Ascend (Amazon #1 New Release)

Ravenwood Academy (YA UF)
0. Wolf Boys (prequel novella)
1. Wolf Moon (Amazon #1 Bestseller)
2. Wolf Cursed
3. Wolf Song

The Superiors Series (NA/Adult urban fantasy)
1. Blood Moon
1.5 Blood Night (short story)
2. Blood Thirst
3. Blood Oath
4. Blood Sport
5. Blood Lust

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Ravenwood Academy Trilogy


Not everything at Ravenwood is what it seems… This is a great series for people who love traditional YA without a lot of steam. It has a spunky heroine who doesn’t back down and stays true to herself and what she believes is right. If you like urban fantasy with a strong romance thrown in, vampires, werewolves, mystery, and a tragic love triangle, you’ll want to follow along with Timberlyn!

Click here to start the series!

This series is my last YA series. I love writing YA, and I thought it would be the perfect fit for an academy novel. Unfortunately, the genre quickly turned much steamier than mine, and this little series was left in the dust. However, I stuck with it and finished it out, and I’m proud of how much I’ve grown since tapping away on my mom’s laptop in her basement to write my first series. YA will always hold a special place in my heart even if I’m the last YA reader out there! #YoungAdultForever!

Hosting Gods Trilogy

emerge amazon

This is a Norse-mythology Reverse Harem suitable for ages 16+.  It follows Gwen, a girl who has lived in a car most of her life, as she and her mother move into a mansion with a mysterious man and his alluring teenager children, each of whom Gwen is drawn to for different reasons.

This is my most popular series to date. You can find the completed trilogy on Amazon. Click here to start reading!

Girl Among Wolves Trilogy:

Devastated by her father’s sudden death, Stella barely protests being shipped off to live in a secluded forest encampment with the mother she never knew. Upon arrival, things go from bad to downright creepy. Everyone in the cultish community stares at her like she’s a mutant, including the two sisters her father failed to mention in her fourteen years, and her mother promptly locks her in the attic. Her only companions are a mouse and fantasies of befriending her own sisters.

Desperately lonely, Stella watches from the window as her family leaves for a night each month to attend mysterious “lunar meetings.” While they are gone to one of these meetings, Stella escapes the attic, only to discover why her mother has kept her locked up her since her arrival—the entire community is made up of werewolves. Intensely protective of their privacy, they would do anything to keep their secret from outsiders…outsiders like Stella. Once she knows their secret, she must fight for her freedom…and her life.

Girl Among Wolves
The Complete Set

This is a series of TRADITIONAL fairy tale retellings (so…not your Disney versions!) Add some werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, and other supernaturals, put it in the rural Ozark Mountains, add a little romance and a little darkness, and you’re getting an idea!

Young Witch Series

These are not really a series, as each book is a stand-alone that combines two fairytales and features a new main character. They are YA/NA reverse harem and form a bridge between my Norse mythology/Hosting Gods series and my Girl Among Wolves series.

The Superiors Series:

Vampires rule the world. Humans are their livestock. Click here to read them.

I wrote this series waaay back in 2010 under a different pen name. It never did much, so I stopped putting them out. My writing has come a long way since then, so I’m not sure if I really want to claim these, lol. But I did publish them, so why not?

Discontinued Series UPDATE:

I will be finishing this series in 2021!

The Winslow Witch Chronicles

This was my first attempt at reverse harem, and I admit, I did not do my homework. Therefore, readers in the genre HATED this book, as it did not meet their expectations. I have since read and researched a great deal, and I republished these in the fall of 2018 after a complete rewrite to get it “right.” Because they were received so poorly, I do not have current plans to work on the series anytime soon. After all, why spend time and energy producing something that people don’t like? I have ideas for so many more books that will please readers!