YA Scavenger Hunt Keyword Post

Hey, y’all! Thanks for stopping by! This is my new vampire fantasy novel. The keyword is in the description, in BOLD AND CAPITALIZED. ***Scavenger Hunters Only*** will get a free ebook copy when you join my VIP Readers Club here. Blood Moon: The Superiors Book 1 A world divided In a world where vampires reign … More YA Scavenger Hunt Keyword Post


January Deals

Hey, y’all, Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s deals. Every single one of these beauties is just .99…except one freebie! For some more paranormal romances…weres and shifters, oh my! We’ve got vampires, dystopian, sci-fi, and things that go growl in the night. Drool away! (and click on the covers to find them … More January Deals

This Week’s Deals

This week’s deals in Fantasy (click on the covers to see on Amazon. The middle one is FREE). And in Romance…Three New Releases, each just .99 and two of them Christmas stories! And as always, you know I love a .99 box set!