New Release Announcement–Emerge, a YA reverse harem inspired by Norse mythology

Hey, y’all,

I just wanted to post a quick update because I had a new release! I decided to release it on the one-year anniversary of Unlikely Magic‘s debut, because I love, love, love these two books. They’re my favorites I’ve ever written.

This is a reverse harem for young adults. What exactly does that mean? Like my other YA novels, it’s suitable for older YA readers, probably 14+ because it has the language typical teens might use. The only difference between a reverse harem and a usual romance is that there are multiple love interests. Think of a love triangle where she doesn’t have to pick a guy at the end. Because #whychoose?

It’s also a bit longer than my usual YA because, well, that’s a lot of relationships to develop. Read a bit more about it in the blurb below, and I hope you’ll give it a read. I think you’ll be happy you did!

Now available on Amazon (and Free in KU)

Love can save you…if it doesn’t destroy you first.

Gwen has spent her life on the road, picking up and moving every few months when her mother has a mental break. They take care of each other. They don’t need anyone else. Or so Gwen believes…until her mother announces she’s met a man online.

When they arrive at his opulent home, Gwen is plunged into a world that seems too good to be true. Suddenly she’s living in a mansion overlooking the beach and eating foods she’s only read about in paperback novels. Her mother’s new man has a gorgeous daughter and four irresistible sons who apparently don’t mind her complete social incompetence. At last, her dream of going to school and being a normal sixteen-year-old is within her reach.

But the family they’ve joined has more than its share of secrets. Not all of them want her there, and her inexplicable attraction to each of them only complicates matters further. When strange phenomena begin to occur in their presence, Gwen must emerge from her protective shell and embrace a destiny she’s never imagined.

Get it here.



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