Ravenwood Academy Audios

Hey, y’all!

In cases you haven’t gotten around to audio yet… Now is the time! These are lifesavers for me. Nothing else keeps me entertained while driving and doing chores. And let’s be honest, I’d put off a lot more chores if I couldn’t also listen to audios. I mean…What’s better than reading? The fact that I can do something else at the same time makes it that much better!

More and more audios are available every day, so if you haven’t gotten into them yet, now is the perfect time to try them out.

I had this series made into audio by the AMAZING Vanessa Moyen, who is the absolute queen of YA audio. She couldn’t have done a better job! She does Timberlyn exactly as I imagine her!

Book 1-2 are now available, with book 3 coming in July or August.

You can grab them here and get started!

Book 1.

Book 2.

Happy listening!


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