Writing Update

I’ve been struggling with this decision for the past year or so, but at last, I’ve conceded and decided to “retire” from my YA writing career. I poured my heart and soul, sweat and tears, into every last word of my books. I adore YA, both writing it and reading it. However, I’ve grown as a writer, and after some real-talk with myself, I had to admit that I never reached the amount of readers needed to make a career of this. After three years, I had to admit that writing YA had become a job that I love but one that doesn’t pay the bills. As the mom of a teenage boy who eats as much as several grown men, that grocery bill is no joke!

Long story short, without readers, an author can’t keep writing. Therefore, I am not going to be adding anything to my catalog except for a few open series that need a final book. I would never want to leave anyone hanging, so I will be finishing those. But I have no plans to write any new series in this genre. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey, and the few people who stuck with me through it all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please know that I treasure every single one of you!


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